[Selling] Dragon Poop!

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  1. Hey I would like to buy the dragon poop , hows 25k?
  2. Sure, when can you get on?
  3. I can quickly go on and pay now on the mc chat app, I won't be able to pick it up so would u be able to mail it?
  4. ill do 30k
  5. Sheesh, I don't want to turn this into an auction but Unless you want to do higher than 30k Huckle, it will go to Tech
  6. I've been looking for one forever I need it for my museum.
  7. I'll buy it for 1,000r more than the highest offer ;)
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  8. Ill be going to smp8. You both can meet me there and we can discuss this in res chat.
  9. So no matter what you will buy it 1000r high than any offer I make.
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  10. Maybe you should do an auction? As I can't go on for a while
  11. he could say 999,000r and then you would pay 1,000,000r :p
  12. Sold to TechFilmer at 45k
  13. Closing thread and deleting posts. Rudeness, flaming and bullying aren't acceptable on EMC, and will be dealt with accordingly
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.