[Selling] Dragon Fighters' Set

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  1. Dragon Fighters' Set

    Complete tuned set of
    enchanted diamond armor, weapons, tools,
    needed materials, potions and food, plus
    10-Page signed book "Fighting a dragon"

    Price (negotiable): 31k

    Current stock: 3 sets, but will make more if needed.

    Order by posting in this thread.

    Delivery: access chest in smp6 town within 36 hours.

    Preview-chest: /v 12162 pickup

    Helmet: Protection 4 Unbreaking 3
    Chest, Leggins: Protection 4 Thorns 3 Unbreaking 3
    Boots: Protection 4 Feather Falling 4 Unbreaking 3
    Book: Depth Strider III

    Sword: Sharpness 5 Unbreaking 3
    Bow: Power 5 Infinity Flame Unbreaking 3
    Pick: Efficiency 5 Silk Touch Unbreaking 3
    Potions: 2x Night Vision 8', 2x Instant Health II
  2. What enchantments are on the armor pieces, weapons and tools?
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  3. first! will send 30k in just a moment.
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  4. M4ster, this kit looks great but one thing: TNT is amazing to destroy those ender crystals during the fight. :)

    Just a bit of a tip I'd throw in.
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  5. Interesting, but I guess you still need to break the cage?
    Or would it work to place it outside, on a block?
  6. See here :)
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  7. That's nice but not my preference since I'd need 2 more items - TNT and F&S.
    Also, breaking a corner piece of the cage and punching the crystal doesn't need more time ... perhaps it's even faster.

    Putting some TNT under the dragon as it sits there is a nice idea though.
    I did try to put TNT there before the dragon landed, but it destroyed it while landing.
    So I'll try to put a block there, tnt above and then light it.

    Adding 2 Things to the set: 2 Buckets with water and 6 pieces of TNT.
    Price stays the same :)

    Shall I add Depth Strider to the boots, to be able to move quickly through the water?
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  8. Thank you!

    Your chest is ready at /v 12162 pickup - follow the gravel path.

    (Fell free to bulk-buy cooked fish if you like. :))
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  9. Added a "Depth Strider III" enchanted book!
  10. I'll buy a set! I think I'm second so that's 31k
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  11. This is pretty cool. learned all sorts of cool things from my new dragon slayer guide :D
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  12. Thank you!
    Your chest is ready!
    /v 12162 pickup, gravel path
    BTW buy some cooked fish if you like.

    Thank you!
    Here is one addition: use water to repel enderman and soften potential landing from pillar / ladder.
  13. Again thank you this is a really cool service! And its everything you really do need:p
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