~/\[{SELLING}]/\~ Dragon Egg!

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  1. Yup, selling a dragon egg that I have officially owned for 2 days.

    If you are interested please start a conversation with me :)
  2. Umm, how does 5 obsidian, 2 string, and a book titled " Banana " sound to you?
  3. ill give you 5 diamonds but that's no where near better then the "Banana" book
  4. Should I be laughing, or concerned?
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  5. Let me see I got a DC of speed potions how bout dat?
  6. I can't tell since the above are you buying or trading?
  7. make me an offer.
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  8. None, he is selling it. PM him for offers. We just offering him irresistible deals.
  9. What if I traded you 100lbs of Bacon for it?
  10. xHaro, that offer is amazing. Take it now.
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  11. Dang, my offer is no match
  12. No it is not.
  13. try and keep the thread on track and the joke offer left out ok
  14. I've got a 250k offer via PM and we are about to seal the deal. I'll post here if it doesn't work out but as of now the deal is soon to be done :)
  15. Sorry Death i thought mine was a legitimate answer.
  16. I have 40 diamonds, but that probably won't do me any good...
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