[SELLING] Double spider xp farm SMP9

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  1. The title says smp9
  2. lol, seems like even you cant handle your swag...
  3. 15k is totally not worth it

    It would go for about 9-12k at the most
  4. Isn't that crazy of a price, if it has a nice setup, it may be worth it, as spider 1-hit-kill grinders are very annoying to setup.
  5. yes plus a 1 spider gen goes for about 5k at the most a 2 goes for 11k at the most and triple if set up will can go from 18k-22k because its rare
  6. stormboy, if your not looking to buy, stop posting. Ive never came to any of your post and knocked them.
  7. Bump for activity,willing to take any reasonable offers,
  8. Little more about it. It takes about 5 mins from my res. And it is a 1 hit timer