Selling Double Skeleton Grinder

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  1. Starting Auction at 5k
  2. use correct auction format please....
  3. And this is illegal to auction grinders so :)
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  4. you need to read the post above yuo..
  5. DOH he beat me to it! Didn't see that :p I was writing when he posted it\

    Also it's you not yuo! Spelling Nazi strikes again!
  6. I'll take it for 5k though ;)
  7. dude u CANT AUCTION it
  8. You may NOT use the auctions to sell locations.
  9. you can sell it for 5k not auction it to get more
  10. fine no auction im just selling it
  11. I'll buy for 5k pm me now !
  12. I will buy for 6k :p
  13. Arrrgghh I'll just buy for 20 k mate :) pig cannOt go higher as it is not an auction :)
  14. If you go higher ill go 40 k gtg