[Selling] Double Chests of Nether Brick

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  1. I was thinking of selling double chests of nether brick for 6k each, would anyone be interested?
  2. Go to ignoramoose's lot. He buys tons of it.
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  3. I would take a double chest if you still have them :) Let me know.
  4. I would buy a dc of that too
  5. I'm sure 5weety would like some of this... I'm interested also let me know if your willing to sell me a double chest :D
  6. I will buy it!!
  7. I want one!!!!!!
  8. Yes plz!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Ok here is how this will work, the order form is
    [Name of who will pay]
    [Number of chests] (Maximum of 1 DC for now)
    [Location of where It must be delivered] (Must be in town)

    If you have asked for a chest previously please put it in this form, sorry if this is a pain in the butt :p
  10. thetrufflehunter
    1 SINGLE chest
    3800 smp2

    ill put up the access sign when i get on :)
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  11. Just a reply to you all so you can see the new format update :D
  12. Just a note to all of you, I only have a few double chests at the moment, but I will be working to get more to fit the demand :)
  13. *note to self,
    1 Dc
  14. [Name of who will pay]: FrozenForger (Do i pay you now or when the order is completed?)
    [Number of chests]: I will take 1 DC
    [Location of where It must be delivered]: smp3, 7121.

    I will pay 6020r. (the extra 20r to cover the vault fees)
  15. Payment is not due until The delivery is completed
  16. Thanks. Let me know when to pay, an access chest has been set up for you at my res (smp3, 7121)
  17. Payer: southpark347
    # of chest: 1 DC
    Where: smp2 3118
  18. Jrlizard
    1 DC
    8274 smp4
  19. Coffee_bullet
    1 DC
    648 Smp1
  20. Krysyyjane9191
    1 DC (for now) =)
    3765 smp2