[Selling] Double Chests full of stuff

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  1. Double Chest of Bone Meal - 1,500r

    Double Chest of Stone Bricks - 5,000r

    I'll post more as they become available
  2. i Bid For the Bonemeal Chest--
  3. I am BUYING not bidding the Bonemeal chest.
  4. I'm on smp9 right now so if you want these items come on down to 18648
  5. still have some Double Chests of Bone Meal, Melons, and Stone Brick

    let me know if you want this
  6. Im coming i couldnt come sooner because i was visiting my grandma who was in a critical condition.
  7. Ill buy the stone bricks :)
  8. ok i am back online on smp9 if you want these
  9. i want the stone bricks but im banned can u put them on reserved ill pay 1 extra k
  10. Hey I will be on in an hour, you got some stone bricks left?
  11. I still have Stone Bricks, Glass, Melons, and Bone Meal

    i've had people say they want them but until they pay for them they are not reserved
  12. i will pay 1 extra thousand ruppess for stone bricks to be reserved
  13. when are you going to want to pay and pick up?
  14. noooooo why must i be banned for a day :(
  15. Im paying, im on smp9 :)
  16. Come on, I said I would pay for them first!
  17. i have enough to go around for everyone
  18. I still have a couple double chests of Bone Meal... a couple of Glass.. I can do a Sand double chest if you'd rather have that than Glass... and I have one last one of Stone Brick

    oh and a chest of Melons that i'll sell for almost nothing
  19. So you're saying even if we post first, you're going for the person who will pay first?
    I'll just go get my own, I haven't seen someone in such a need for money...