[Selling] Double chest of random stuff

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  1. I'm looking for offers on this, I'm currently taking all of the stuff outta my res to build something else.It's really much slower selling these apart and I'll just sell them all together

    ~ 3 stacks of smooth sandstone and 16 blocks
    ~ 3 stacks of creeper sandstone and 52 blocks
    ~3 stacks and 32 stone bricks
    ~3 stacks of bread
    ~3 stacks of endstone
    ~6 stacks of arrows
    ~7 stacks of Snow
    ~118 iron ingots
    ~Eff1 iron pick
    ~ power I bows
    ~melons,soul sand,glowstone,lilypads,fences,signs,jungle and oak logs,some wool and best of all

  2. How Much for the lily pads?
  3. I'm trying to get rid of this ALL TOGETHER :p I kinda said it in the thread.
  4. You use TMI?
    I smell a ban...
  5. You're probably joking but tmi doesn't work even if you have it installed, it uses the give command which only senior mods+ can use.
  6. It's allowed.

    (You can't actually spawn anything into EMC)
  7. Ookay, never mind them. :p
  8. I would spawn as many double chests of diamond blocks,sponges and end dragon eggs if it worked :p

    And then... I would realize it's ban-able and get rid of everything :c
  9. Hm. 400 rupees?
  10. No thanks.. The ingots are already worth a lot more than that
  11. 900?
  12. Still....
  13. 1500?
  14. -Is wondering how you have so many arrows- e-e :eek: Do you have a grinder?
  15. Dude, I have more from just killing skeletons in the wild wandering…
  16. I know I was kidding..
  17. How does 2200 Rupees sound?
  18. Mores :c
  19. I'm thinking about 3.5k.