[Selling] Double Blaze Spawner

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  1. Will you make them into a double blaze grinder?
  2. i dunno how
  3. Ok well i would lower the price because i remember seeing a already built one go for 30k
  4. well i had it sold at 50k but they gave a reason why they didnt want it
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  5. What server?
  6. Are they close enough so that you can active both at once?
  7. i dont know
  8. Hm,
    Il buy it for 20k

    If they turn out to be close enough to activate at once,Ill go in with another 10k
  9. How far out are they? How close together? Are there any neighbors in the vicinity? Linked Nether portals nearby?
  10. I Never got round to answering your q, EMC stopped working for me.

    350-400 blocks. Very close, short walk. No one near. No nether portals
  11. I suggest you don't advertise "Double Blaze Spawners" if you haven't even bothered to check and find out if they work together... <.<
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  12. Ok truth be told I was killed by the blazes before being able to get to check if they both activate
  13. You can pretty much see that from spawn.
  14. wrong co-ords its about 1300-1400
  15. Ok - Well mob traps are becoming useless in a few weeks or I'd think about buying it.
  16. Aw hell, why? :confused: