[SELLING] Discounted chain-mail armour

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  1. Clearing out all chain-mail armour and 8r bulk iron at /v 4005 on SMP2. Teleport to shop signs from res spawn. First come, first serve basis. :)

    Chest - 100r
    Leggings - 80r

    7r bulk iron when buying it all. (about 2 dc's)
  2. No problem - sorry I missed your compliment in-game, thanks for it! :p
  3. And bump - also selling bulk iron at 8r each :)
  4. Save me some boots!!
  5. There's plenty :)
    Yes, it is.
  6. Adjusted price for chain mail (new prices in OP), buy it all lol

    Bulk iron is 8r each, will lower to 7r if you're buying it all.
  7. How did you get this chain mail?
  8. People selling to me
  9. Get over it lol. We all have different pricing ideas.
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  10. Just trying to clear the last few chestplates and leggings, 100r and 80r
  11. i'll get 27 sets of Chainmail armour if hav it for 4860r.
    tell me if you to deal and tell me where to pick it up.:):D:)
  12. No thanks lol, all gone anyway. :)
  13. what a pity tell if u get more