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  1. alright so i would like to help those of you out (only 2 players unfortunetely for now) that are in need of a diamond support voucher. i do not have them yet and will not get them until i know for sure that you will purchase one. i am doing this for those who cant afford to buy one themselves though would still like to become diamond while u can. let me know either on here or through pm if you would like one and what your offer is only 2 for buy so get them while u can
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  2. ok so 1 diamond voucher is reserved 1 more up for grabs till i purchase then mail
  3. For what price are you selling it
  4. I would also like to know
  5. What's the price, I may reserve the other one.
  6. as i had posted pm me with the price you would like to offer and we go from there :) i dont set a price because then it would sometimes seem as if i was being greedy. if anything i may just sell the 1 diamond voucher and 2 gold. but first just pm me with offer
  7. 50k? I'm not rich.
  8. you will need to put up over 100k for a d supporter voucher...
  9. I'm sorry to inform you that these vouchers are going for as much as 350k.
  10. dang....im not even looking for that much though just to let everyone know XD even 100k less would be fine with me
  11. on the buy rupees page, $20 is worth 215k or something like that.. and $32 is worth about 350k lol :p
  12. if anything ill sell 2 gold for 150k each with the diamond voucher i have reserved
  13. ninjaboy5656 said the gold supporter vouchers were worth 140k each and I bought one for 125k
  14. How about 50k for the other Diamond Supporter voucher?...If I can get the money.
  15. It's real money we're talking.

    Prices aren't set in stone but for what I've seen... Diamond 200-250k, Gold 100-150k and I saw Iron once for like 50k. I've seen them sold and bought mostly within that range above but now with the supporter changes they'll probably go up.

    Highest I've seen for a diamond was like 280k(a guy buying in a thread) and lowest around 185k(Sam was buying them for that, I believe he bought a few)
  16. well the person that wanted the first diamond voucher doesnt want anymore so if there are any offers for that i will sell. the second diamond voucher is already being held and paid for so i can either sell 2 gold vouchers or 1 diamond voucher. lemme know though because one people send me offers then ill buy then mail when i get. thanks!
  17. alright so it comes down to this. i can sell 1 more diamond voucher for whatever price i get offered (as long as it isnt a rip off XD) or 2 gold vouchers same way. say i said 150k each for the gold and 250 for the diamond just to see how things go. but once i get the offers that is what determines which direction i go (whether it be for the 2nd diamond or the 2 gold) not sure if they sell better if prices are put out there or not but im just throwing those prices out to see who takes them
  18. I'll take the gold vouchers then
  19. alright all is done i will purchase then mail as soon as i recieve!
  20. Lets head to the Private messages, I'm kinda getting confused here xD