Selling Diamond Supporter Voucher

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Do you know the muffin man

The muffin man ? 9 vote(s) 42.9%
That lives on Drury Lane? 16 vote(s) 76.2%
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  1. Do you have 4 reses ? Do you want a utopia res but need Diamond to do so ?
    Are you missing out on the amazing @s chat on smp6 ??

    Then I have the deal for you !! I have one diamond supporter voucher I need to sell off. Looking to get 350k for it and you can buy now ! Message me here or in game
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  2. New reses are coming the time to act it now.

    One voucher gone now selling 1 diamond and 1 gold. PM me for info !!
  3. cool :)
    Dang i really need to save up.
  4. Need a great Father's Day gift ? Want to get that special man in your like the gift of more reses and more daily bonus !! The time is now ! Pm and we can get you a deal !
  5. What time is it ?? It's BUMP time !!!
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  6. I thought dia supp was especially handy when you have only 1 res yet :p
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  7. "Do you have 4 reses " if not I have a deal for you.
  8. do you take offers to lower the cost of the voucher? If yes I could create for any enchanted item or book you want.
  9. I may. Send me a pm on what you have in mind
  10. Gold voucher has been sold
  11. My alt needs 4 reses, and I will barter for it! :D
  12. As of right now I think that i am sold out. I will know Friday for sure.
  13. Do you have any more diamond supporter vouchers? I'll buy one for 350,000r if you do. :)