[SELLING] Diamond Supporter Voucher

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  1. Stock: 1
    Price: PM me prices! All offers (400k+)

    I will try to respond to your PM ASAP.
  2. ,-,
  3. where do i pick it up?
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  4. this isn't an auction...
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  5. i know i just want to know where to buy it from
  6. You have to pm me and no I clearly state 400k+
  7. ya but no one will buy for 400k
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  8. uhm... sure they will... I might...
  9. ma
    ybe but it will take some time
  10. No it won't :confused:
  11. Shoot me a pm ;)
  12. for new members 400k is being millionaire...for a player with high voting streak and economically intelligent is just a good inversion Investment

    If any of this doesn't make sense...im sorry, English not my 1st language
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  13. It mostly makes sense, except for the invsersion part... I think you meant investment