Selling Diamond Stacks

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  1. Hi everyone!
    I've got 18 stacks of diamonds to sell!
    I am selling them individually for 48r or 3008r a stack (47r a diamond). :)

    Come to 12534 @ smp6 to buy em. Also check out my store, I have been around and stocked most things fully :)
  2. I got alot in my base contact me if you want one for 45r
  3. I thought this thread was about my store :/
    Please at least give others a chance :(
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  4. If nobody buys these diamonds, you could sell them to Leowaste at 47r each.
  5. It's not about my store neither. It is just that I got some and want to get rid of them.
  6. Moar blatant advertising on others threads plox
  7. Leowaste on SMP2 is buying for 47r a piece.

    Just /v Leowaste (Its on the FIRST floor to your right - same as where you enter when you /v)

  8. I do not sell diamonds for 45r at my shop and I havent said any kind of thing such as smpx at res x
  9. You posted on this thread with the intent to take customers away from daffy by advertising a better offer and indirectly asking people to buy from you instead.
  10. He might as well have said "Don't buy from him; I sell cheaper."
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  11. So what?
    I got an amount of diamonds I want to get rid of and I am selling 1 for 45r not rekeated with my shops.
  12. Your still jacking his topic mate - and its ofc. not allowed.

    Just make a new topic? RIGHT above his - and you'll be fine ;)
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  13. No I posted here if anyone wants it he/she contacts me.
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  15. I dont understand. Your not exactly short of business since winning the shop contest are you?
    Why not just do what everyone is saying and make your own thread where you can blab on about how great you are.
  16. From the "Community Marketplace forum rules for posting":
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  17. And thats not advertising in someone elses topic?

    Did i miss something?
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  18. Make your own bloomin thread then! Dont hijack another persons thread seriously I dislike people who do that! You are taking potential customers away from Daffy!

    I got yo back daffy ;)
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