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  1. My storage is not yet complete and I need to free up some space so I have decided to sell the items listed below in DC amounts, I am taking offers via this thread or pm's
    ender pearls x2
    wood doors x1
    bonemeal x1
    stone slab x2
    eggs (16 stack kind) x1
    stone x1 decided to keep hold of for future use but willing to sell if some one needs it (overpays)
    snowballs (stacks only to 16) x8
    Iron Hoes x1 200r
    Fire Resist Extended to 8 minutes x1 (pending)
    Heath Potion I x1 (pending for the second time)
    Boats x2 (Don't ask why) 75r each
    cake x1 750r
    I'll be adding/removing items as I sell/find them.
    Also selling a Marlix Chestplate (No not in DC quantity :p) (PM the offers)

  2. Stone slab DCs both have been sold
  3. If you want you can sell your DC of Stone in the bulk-area at 9000, hope to see you soon :)
  4. Le bumpe.

  5. Items added :)
  6. how much per dc of snowballs?
  7. What's your price on that Bonemeal ? :rolleyes:
  8. 1.5k?
  9. I want it but I can't pay 1.5k at the moment. I'll try and snag it from you later!;)
  10. Oh um Champ4now, I posted on your past DC selling thing
    Please check it and respond
  11. how bout 1.5k for the bonemeal?
  12. DC of eggs - 55r ? sure
    DC of wood doors - 100r ? sure
    DC of healing potion 1 (instant health) - 450r ? no longer selling
    2 DC's of enderpearls - 550r ? sure
    DC of awkward potions - 145r ? no longer selling
    DC of blaze powder - 650r ? - no longer selling
  13. Deal. need delivery?
  14. Ok delievery is needed too, will you be on in about 30 minutes?
  15. If so, meet me smp9 30 minutes

    Im business making forums
  16. Bump, also selling 5+ DCs of dirt
  17. Um how about...
    DC of Rotten Flesh - 95r? ( Don't ask why, cause I don't know why :p )
    DC of Blaze Power - 650r?
    Not the Iron Hoes :p
    Fire Resist Extended to 8 Minutes - 725?
    Health Potion I - 275?
    Boats - 35r?
    Boats ( other DC ) - 35r?
    Cake - 175r?

    Please get back to me
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