[Selling] DCs of Mending Books

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  1. Got a few lucky villagers ;)
    Current price is 30k per DOUBLE CHEST, you can either post on this thread or PM to order.

    I will at most deliver 3 DCs at a time per person

    Thanks guys!

    EDIT: Prices reduced!

    DC: 27k
    Single: 500r
  2. Bump, books are 1k each, cheaper than most!
  3. Bump! Prices lowered!
  4. Ill take a DC for 30k.
    Ill be back online in ~20 hours.
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  5. Can I buy a single chest, too?
  6. Sure I'll get the chest set up for you shortly
  7. Ì would like to buy 1 DC. I will pay right now! :)
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  8. I would like a dc for 30k please. Paying now
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  9. sorry I read this wrong, I sell them individually or by the double chest, would you like 27 individually or all 54?
  10. Both of your chests are set up at /v 7180 storage on the right :)
  11. if you still have any ill buy a dc just because
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  12. Yeah, I'll get a chest up for you shortly
  13. I'll buy a double chest. I'll send payment when the chest is ready.
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  14. Chest is set up and ready at /v 7180 storage on the right at the end :)
  15. Payed. Had/have a few minutes.
    Cant seem to find anything except some promo chests at v 7180
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  16. It's a res location, "/v 7180 storage"
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  17. Paid & pickedup! Thankyou!
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  18. I would like to order 2 sc please ;)
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  19. Can i order a DC please :)
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  20. A double chest or 2 double chests?
    Yep, I'll message you once its done :)
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