[Selling] Dc of Horse eggs.

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  1. Excellent bulk deal for shops and malls. All horses are 118 speed or lower.
    Quantity: 1 DC of horse eggs (54)
    Price: 4k
    How to purchase: Whoever replies first saying they want it gets it.

    Pic of chest:
    Pickup at: 10694 on smp5 (go through the teleport marked "auctions" >look for the chest with your name on it)
  2. Reducing price.
  3. 2.5k and i'll have them.
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  4. Funny but I will put the contents of the chest into my incinerators before I sell below 3.5k.
  5. Just saying a price, it seems like theres no other interest.... I withdraw my interest.
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  6. The sale is canceled.