[SELLING] DC of Glowstone

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  1. Hi there. I have a DC of Glowstone up for sale for 60k. I would just auction it, but I just saw an auction for this go for less than I wanted, and I was too scared to take the risk. So anyways, you can buy a beautiful DC of high quality, guaranteed to light up your house, glowstone for exactly 60k, which comes to just over 17r per block, less than the vast majority of shops sell it for.


    NOTE: This is not an auction! Do not place bids, I'm simply selling it for 60k :)
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  2. I Don't want no stupid glowstone! I'll pay 60k for that paper there though :)
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  3. You sir, can most definitely have 36 paper for 60k. In fact, I'd even be generous and through in 9 more paper for free!
  4. I hate Generosity! Deals off bro!
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  5. That's kind of expensive ace.
  6. D: Wait, no, I uh retract the previous offer and demand 65k for the original 36 paper! >:D

    EDIT so as to not double post:

    Well, I just saw an auction that reached 56k for a DC, and market price for glowstone is 19~25r per, and this is 17r per, so this is actually a pretty decent deal
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  7. I'll buy it \o3o/

    Aka Dibs so Stew cant have it
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  8. can we splitz it yo
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  9. No it is mine >:D
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  10. Awesome :D Meet me on smp7 Jc
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  11. No it's not :p good price actually
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  12. If I were to work on another one of these, would anyone else be interested in purchasing a DC for the same price?
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  13. I am ;3
  14. I'll buy it for more :mad:
  15. I'll one up her every time :rolleyes:
  16. Cuz u hatez pupys
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  17. Okay, so I've gotten some requests for these so currently the order is:

    1. Amusedstew
    2. Deathconn
    3. Jcplugs again (I think, if I read her post right)
    4. Deathtomb once
    5. Deathtomb a second time

    However, this could be moved around with a bit of bribery ^.^
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  18. Jcplugs ate a puppy once...
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  19. Not the same!!!! Dog is a good meal... :p But you hate poor puppies! You should be put in a cell!