[Selling] Custom EMC Dual Blaze Grinder.

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  1. Heya EMC.
    Today I am selling a custom dual blaze grinder.

    Grinder Explanation:
    The grinder is an automatic custom designed blaze grinder. You could call it an optimized Ethos version. The reason I optimized this grinder, into something else than the Ethos design, was that I found out, that the Ethos version was not too comfortable with EMC. He is using some timer that damages the blazes down to exactly the amount of health they need to have to be able to one hit them with your hand, which on EMC; due to slight server lags from time to time is either too long time or too short time for the blazes to go to the correct health. I have countered this issue with a custom solution I figured myself. This is a fully finished grinder, which means it can be used from the minute you buy it. It has been used for a lot of time; it is what gained me almost 600,000TEXP.
    After we've figured a deal, I will send you the co-ordinates, and I will go out there, remove my stuff and never return.

    This grinder is located on Utopia. For good reasons, I cannot give the exact co-ordinates. It is well hidden, as in YOU NEED TO KNOW ITS THERE TO SEE IT. It is around 3000-4000 blocks out. It has never been found from the time I created, which is around 1, 5 year ago to now, and I do not think it will be anytime soon. You may wonder why I've posted this in the public selling forum, instead of the supporter forum.

    I am not 100% sure (please confirm anyone) that Utopia wilderness will be available for everyone after EULA steps in.

    This is a custom created EMC friendly dual blaze grinder, I expect this to be worth a lot more than the standard Ethos grinder. I am taking offers in private messages, as this is not an auction. If anyone offers something I find suitable, I will close this thread and complete the deal with that person. Please don't bother sending me an offer if you are offering me less than 200,000r. Anything from 200k and down wont be considered.

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  2. I can confirm that free members will have access :) Here is a quote from the "Ranks" section for details on how Utopia will be opening up: "Will soon become open to all players, but Free players will have to wait in a queue to get online, and supporters will always have instant access."
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  3. If you don't receive any other offers, I may be interested, so you can contact me if so :)
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  4. Bot a lot of offers currently, still looking for a bit more than offered tho...
  5. Bump, waiting for that awesome offer - anyone?
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  6. You might have better luck if you post the drop rates. Despite it's main use being an XP farm.
  7. I'd like to know the drop rates and how long it takes you to get from level 0-30.
  8. You can go google to see how many blazes that 2x spawn cages spawn every minute. For the 0-30, around 10 minutes. (killing takes 1min, stacking mobs up takes 5-9min)