[SELLING] Cow Eggs in Bulk (Discounted)

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  1. I have more than a Double Chest of Cow Eggs (took a lot of farming wheat, cows).

    I am selling them in Bulk at a discount.

    If you want you can but 16 at a time from the sign on the side of my Cow Egg chest at 8122 Jungle Shop (chest is on Right side of shop).

    But if you want several stacks or a Single Chest or Double Chest full of Cow Eggs, PM me and we can arrange the deal at a cheaper price.

    The more stacks you buy, the cheaper i will make each stack.

    Thank you.

    PM link....


    And here is my Double Chest of Cow Eggs that I am selling by the stack to make rupees for a donation.

  2. Cows can now drop their heads !

    More info in the thread, below, but you can buy my Cow Eggs at a discount to help you earn Cow Heads :).

  3. I have more cow eggs if anyone want to order in bulk and get a good discount, just PM me, link above. Thanks.
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