[Selling] Coordinates to SMP4 Dungeon (Zombie)

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    Untouched dungeon I found on SMP4, leads into an abandoned mineshaft. Found in unexplored land quite a ways from the main spawn. If you are looking to create an XP farm far away from spawn from an untouched zombie dungeon, this is for you.

    Price for Coordinates: 2000r

    Guide to selling mob spawner locations below:
  2. How many blocks it's from the spawn?
  3. About 2 and a half thousand blocks from the main spawn point.
  4. I made a map displaying the area where the dungeon is located so you will have no trouble finding it, but it is quite a ways away from the spawn so you won't have to worry about people snooping around your XP farm.
  5. Bump for the night.
  6. Hmm... I'm gonna have to sleep on this decision...
    OW OW OW! Sleeping on my computer hurts!
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  7. Haha that was pretty funny, I know the dungeon is pretty far from spawn but its definitly worth the investment. I have an XP farm of my own and their great.
  8. Hmmm let me talk to some friends mark me as a possibility
  9. … with no grinder this seems rather high, 1.25k count me in
  10. Sorry creeper I just sold it to another person for 1.6k.