[ SELLING ] Coordinates to Double Cave Spider Spawners

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  1. I was on Utopia, roaming around, blah blah blah, and I stumbled around too two cave spider spawners, and I though, OOH! I must sell this so you can have a double cave spider grinder! SO, here are my price rangers :
    For the both of them, I would ask 10k. We can negotiate prices, if you'd like, but, 10k, I like that price, I have the coords written down, it is on the server Utopia, and here is the disclaimer :

  2. 2013-03-02_09.03.01.png 2013-03-02_09.03.09.png Addition :
    Their is a Zombie Spawner with all the mossy cobble, and two chests, 25 blocks away from it, you can make a zombie grinder! So, if you are tired of getting Spider eyes, and string, go over to the zombie grinder!

    Bumped up price too : 15k

  3. Just a heads up that the you need to be within 16 blocks for a monster spawner to be active
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  4. Better change that then!
  5. Found another Cave Spider Spawner! So, here is the overall total of spawners :
    Double Cave Spider Spawners
    Single Cave Spider Spawner
    Single Zombie Spider Spawner
    Single Cave Spider Spawner

    Selling now for a total of 20k!
  6. Plus a Ravine, VERY nice cave system.
  7. Is there an area that you can stand for ALL spawners to be active? It seems a bit costly for there a chance to have it non-functioning.
  8. Only for the double Cave Spider. Sorry.
  9. You can bring friends along, make it a wild community!

    This place is crawling with spawners, just found two more, your turn to explore!
  10. why would anyone need this when if you can go to the utopia wild being a supporter you can just go to endertopia
  11. Maybe they are sick of enderpearls and need string.
    Already sold! Thanks LadBlo!
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  12. Spider drops, which are surprisingly more uncommon than you'd think.
  13. 2013-03-02_09.37.58.png lad.. Have fun, found another. Lawl
  14. Thats insane lol Thanks for da business! :D
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