[SELLING] Construction "Business Kit" - Signatures, Spreadsheets, Business Plan, etc.

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  1. Opening soon with GeneralWillikers.

    Basically, a while back I was going to launch a business and got pretty far along - I had everything ready to start. Sadly, the real world got in the way of me having the time.

    I really just think this was a business idea that was good enough that it didn't deserve to die. My solution is to sell it. I'd give it away but I want you, prospective buyer, to have some skin in the game.

    Without revealing a ton, the business plan is to provide extremely professional design, materials sourcing, and building services extremely conveniently. The idea is that a customer (if they wanted to, they could be more involved of course) could simply pay and give build flags, and come back to a well-designed functional build in a timely manner.

    What's included:
    • Spreadsheet with cost estimator, payment calculators, build and staff management tables. The estimate calculator alone takes in 10 different variables.
    • Signature with logo and call to action. Includes .jpeg, .psd, .pxm files, so it's both convenient and completely editable.
    • Marketplace Post with detailed Q & A. Written well and ready to be published; it contains all necessary info for prospective buyers, calls to action, a conversational tone, and sample price estimates. Just plug in your username into the links. Comes as a .txt containing BBCode and .html file for easy readability.
    • Details from me on exactly how the backend of the business works under the current plan, including hiring, labor payments, estimating build costs, etc.
    What's NOT included:

    • Employees. It's been almost a year since I originally got ready to start this, I'll contact the former list of people and see if anyone wants to work for you, but there is NO guarantees that anyone will want to.
    PM Me With an Offer if Interested. Edit: If anyone wants to go splitsies on the business and have a partner, I have someone lined up.
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