[Selling] Cheap Sponge and 1.8 Items - 4443 - SMP2

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  1. Hey everyone,

    Ninja here selling some excess 1.8 product. I've currently got dry sponges and sea lanterns for sale on smp2 at res 4443. I plan to add many more items as soon as I establish a little more hunting. The current prices are as follows :D :

    Sponge: 1,750 Rupees Per
    Sea Lantern: 275 Rupees Per - 8,000 Rupees per 32 (250 per)
    Depth Strider III Book: 4,000 Rupees Per
    Dark Prismarine: 50 Rupees Per
    Prismarine Crystal: 100 Rupees Per
    Prismarine Shard:75 Rupees Per

    Hopefully more items to come soon! :)
  2. This guy sells good stuff. Also has in house entertainment.
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  3. Haha, not sure if you're referring to his highness (samsimx) or the random cow walking around that I use for milk. :p

    Also, added Depth Strider books! :)
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  4. Do you sell dark prismarine? I need it for my new storage decor xD
  5. Hopefully I'll start to stock it soon, but currently I have none. :(
  6. UPDATE:
    - Few price reductions
    - Added prismarine crystals
    - Added loads of stock on all other items
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  7. UPDATE:
    - Major price reduction on sea lanterns
    - Added prismarine shards
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  8. Huh? Your signature still says they're 400r per.
  9. Oops, sorry I still need to update that. xD