[Selling & Buying] Promos, Staff Heads, Vouchers, And More!

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  1. Well the title may be a bit confuzzling... So I'll try to explain it. I'm buying Staff Heads along with a select few items, like Marlix Gear, Enraged Zombie Villager Eggs, Momentus Toothpicks, Vouchers, etc.
    I'm selling promos at "/v 1566 chest" Turn left and click on the [PREVIEW] sign! If you want to sell me something that is listed or not listed, post it below or msg me in game/on forums!

    Edit: RaINBoW_x_HyDrO is the one that will sell the promos on my res if I'm not able to!
    Edit 2: I'm looking for people willing to sell Voter Gear! I don't have enough for it atm but tell me if so and price so I can start saving!
    Edit 3: Currently extremely poor, but if you guys wanna buy come on down!
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  4. I'm selling just about every promo /rare item I have in order to save up for road edits and 5 perms direlect vouchers. I have about half a vault of promos a really rare head I might be willing to sell depending on the price tons of starter soul bound gear, vouchers etc. if interested maybe start a pm with me and we can schedule a time to meet in game with a access chest
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  6. Sorry I don't like being a forum nazi, really. :p

  9. What kind of vouchers are you looking for? Also, I have a krysyy and luckygreenbird head I would like to sell.
  10. By vouchers I mean the one's that aren't Vault/Stable if that helps any. So like Supporter, Max Res, Derelict, etc. And the Krysyy head. Is it just a "Krysyy Head" unlored?
  11. Yeah. It's a blue one also :p

    I do have a gold voucher if you want to buy it but supporter vouchers currently have to be redeemed manually.
  12. What time is it? It's time for bump! What time is it? It's time for bump! (If you have a young child you should get my reference)
  13. I can sell you 5 iron supporter vouchers for 110k per.
  14. I have an iron voucher :p

    110k for it though.
  15. I'd love to buy these! However, I'm poor. Apparently 10 people coming to buy stuff only gets you 36k worth of profit anymore :I I'll come to you guys when I get the money! And you can of course accept some trades if you'd like!
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  17. I have a gold voucher I can sell you.
  18. Like I said I'm poor right now... :( Also BUMP! I made an Edit 3!