[SELLING] Full Voter's Armor Set + Bow & Iron Sword

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  1. All pieces are from my account. Please PM me with offers. Thanks!
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  2. Y-You're selling your voters set or someone else's?
  3. Mine lol. Fixed it :p
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  4. B-But...
  5. It's really hard to put a price on this. I was offered 400k just for the gear in game and made the mistake of auctioning it off and not its only at 325 k I believe. This armor is amazing and is really all you need for making supply runs. I really hope she can sell it for 100k+ per item because these items or pretty much priceless lol I wish you luck georgeashington :)
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  6. Pretty much what DatzMine said.
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  7. Bump!
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  8. Bump!
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  9. All items sold pending payment.
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