[SELLING] Buss Selling - EMC Items, Books, Mob Drops, more!

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  1. I have recently posted a few different sell threads on the EMC Marketplace Forum. I've decided to just compile all of these threads into one big one, as well as to add more items to the lists. If you are interested in any items below, post a reply or contact me via forms/in-game on SMP1.

    Please note that there are still many storage units available in my SMP1 Storage Facility. If you would like any more information about the Units or if you would like to buy one, feel free to Inbox me on the Forums and/or check out this thread: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/storage-units-on-smp1-for-sale-now.26245/

    HOT DEAL: Buy 2 Zombie Heads and Get the 3rd Free! (max 6 per player)

    Now Selling:

    Shiny Arrows - 150r each 125r each
    Shiny Flesh - 100r each
    Zombie Virus's - 500r each 400r each (or can be sold by the SC/DC)
    Zombie Heads - 1k/each HOT DEAL
    Skeleton Skulls - 1.5k each 1k each
    Creeper Heads - 3k each 2.5k each
    Fortune III (1)
    Diamond Boots Feather Falling IV (1)

    EMC Rare Items:

    Ore Busters (3) - 11k each OR 30k for all
    Flaming Mob Launcher (1) - 10k

    Enchanted Books (please note that there are more to come):

    Bane of Arthropods III (1)
    Fortune II (1)
    Protection IV (1)
    Fire Aspect II (2)
    Power III (1)
    Fire Protection II (1)
    Power IV (1)
    Protection II (1)
    Smite II (2)
    Unbreaking I (1)
    Protection III (4)
    Unbreaking III (2)
    Knockback II (2)
    Smite IV (1)
    Efficiency IV (1)
    Projectile Protection IV (1)
    Silk Touch I (2)
    Power V (1)
    Flame I (2)
    Aqua Affinity I (1)
    Blast Protection III (1)
    Infinity I (2)
    Respiration I (1)
    Feather Falling III (1)
    Bane of Arthropods IV (1)
    Punch I (1)
    Projectile Protection III (1)
    Respiration II (1)
    Blast Protection IV (1)
    Sharpness III (1)

    Mob Drops:

    Bones - 70r stack
    Gunpowder - 400r stack


    Emeralds - 1.8k stack
    Beacons (2) - 9.5k each
  2. I'll take a stack of gunpowder.
  3. I will be on later today (probably 3 hours) to make this trade :)
  4. ill take the 3 orebusters
  5. Can you have some emeralds ready for me? Like where only I can access them? Ill buy them when needed. (probably a stack or two a week)
  6. Sounds good, I can definitely do that!
  7. Bump, check out the new items that were updated. Still a lot of stock left too
  8. You were selling the beacons for 9.5k? Sigh.. *Paid 10k before looking here*
  9. I will take emeralds, but I have to see of I win an action, if I win this action I will not be able to buy them
  10. 2 stacks of Emeralds are ready at 864 for pick-up. Please pay before taking them. :)

    Please give me a specific amount of Emeralds that you would like to buy and I will get them :)
  11. If you want - my shop on smp2 (3047) will buy any of the enchantment books 'if there is room in the chest' :)
  12. Not sure yet but I am going to elaborate when I get back from vacation on July 5th
  13. I'll take and pay for them when I need them if that's ok :)
  14. Bump...check out the new items being sold and the current Hot Deal
  15. Bump check out price cuts
  16. New items added, and more stock available.