[Selling] Bulk Items. DC of each item store

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  1. So i will be able to provide you with a DC of each item listed below at a set price. and deliver as soon as payment is received and i'm in a computer. I log in daily. My prices are set. some are more expensive than others but that's the best i can do for them if you don't like them just don't buy. Thank you.

    Sea Latern- 95,000 r
    Dark Prismarine- 75,000 r
    Prismarine Brick- 35,000 r
    Prismarine- 20,000 r
    Iron- 30,000 r
    Gold- 65,000 r
    Coal- 18,000 r

    there may be more to come in the future
  2. way high priced man
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  3. Indeed thease items are a bit overpriced, I whould do thease prices:

    Sea lantern: 75Kr
    Dark prismarine (blocks) 70Kr
    Prismarine brick: 29Kr
    Prismarine: (blocks) 19Kr
    Iron: 11Kr
    Gold: 31Kr
    Coal: 8.2Kr
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  4. good to know thank you guys
  5. wha? does prismarine really go for that much?