[SELLING] Bulk gold ingots at /v 4005 SMP2

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  1. I'm currently selling about 1.5+ dc's of gold at /v 4005, cyan floor for 18r/1. Get it while you can! :)
  2. Also, if you're buying all ingots I will lower the price to 17r each. :)
  3. Hmmmm, wonder where alex got his gold.... :rolleyes:
    I know your secrets!
  4. 100% definitely not Jcpuuugs ;)
  5. images.jpg
  6. Capture.PNG
    u make boo boo alex, i think.
  7. hmm... Might be good for some powered rails...
  8. I'll be buying 9 stacks :D
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  9. Nah, the more you buy the cheaper it is :)
    I like the way you think ;)
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  10. I bought some! :D
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  11. Restocked 1.1 double chests of gold ingots, minimum price of 17r/1
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  12. Bump
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