[SELLING] [BULK] glass

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  1. I am selling glass, post a reply thats like the following to order glass:
    IGN: (username)
    amount: (how much glass)
    amount to pay: (how many stacks of glass x 66r
    res #: (optional if you want it delivered or not)
  2. AvonCalling69
    10 stacks of 64
  3. I have your order come on smp5 11387 to get it
  4. IGN: Ignoramoose
    amount: 6912 (two double chests)
    amount to pay: 7128r, or ill pay 8k even if you deliver.
  5. delivering? no prob, what res #?
  6. 3765, ill setup chests at the bottom in the middle, you'll have to jump down, i move the tp as i'm building.
  7. ok lemme start cooking sand
  8. mind me asking, why do you need all this glass?
  9. Terr
    10 stacks
    640 rupees
  10. ok I got it, what res #
  11. im getting more glass >:D
  12. I'll setup more chests by tomorrow. 2 chests should get me through the next 64 blocks high.
  13. Deliver it to 1080 smp1 one please, there will be a chest at the tp point.

    EDIT Make that diggiemoo's res(my friend)I am deep in wild for smp1 :p His res is 1816
  14. Herbrin3
    104 stacks (2 double-chests)
  16. Two double chests is 108 stacks.
  17. Oops, my bad; I want 108 stacks, yep. 108*66 = 7128.