[Selling] Bulk Enchanted Books

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  1. Hey Stew,

    Order is ready for pickup at 18734 books.

    Total is 23490r. THANKS AGAIN!!!
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  2. You still doing this? 1.9 killed my inventory and I need to make a LOT of gear. :)
  3. Yessir. Still need to add the 1.9 books, that'll be approx 1 more week but I am able to provide all others right now
  4. Kk I got the 1.9 books I will put my order in when I get home later. Its probably going to be 100k+ just as a warning lol.
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  5. so im home robbi and I am very sorry but after re-assessing the market post- 1.9.4 I don't think I'm going to be selling OP gear anymore. I will still buy from you now and then if you stick around and provide this service but before I was making a killing off of sitting at the gold farm and now I would be more wasting my time than anything. I am pretty sure I could make more money now just mining than selling god gear :( I am going to place an order but its probably not going to be as large as I had expected earlier. Thank you again though for this amazing service :D
  6. Submitted another order. Thanks!
  7. Thanks Stew, Ill be finishing Gawas (not small by any means!) order tomorrow during the day, should have yours ready shortly afterwards!
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  8. Just wondering on my order, havent heard anything from you :p.

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