[Selling] Bulk Enchanted Books

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  1. Hey all,

    For a limited time I'll be offering bulk enchanted book orders. Books are available by the SC or DC only. I will not be supplying individual books, bulk orders only.

    Pricing Form:
    (click here for Pricing Form)

    How to order:
    Submit an order form (click here) and once received, I will advise confirmation and ETA of order completion via PM. Payment to be made upon order completion, at time of pick-up.

    How long will my order take?:
    Orders will be on a first come, first serve basis. At this time, within 24 - 48hrs of confirmation will be typical.

    Where can I pick-up my order?:
    Upon completion PM being sent to customers, orders will be available at /v 18734@books

    Thanks for reading!
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  2. Updated original post to include order form. The form can handle 1 - 4 types of book orders. If you wish to order more than 4, please submit multiple forms.

    Thanks again to those whom have placed orders already!
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  3. I definitely want to order but, like I think many others would agree, I will not pay until the order is ready. I just had to chase down someone for a month old order. Its too easy for one or both parties to forget or become unavailable.
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  4. Dang just read the part about payment. If you don't want to take payment once completed then discard my order :p

    If you are willing to take payment once completed then please proceed.
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  5. I agree with both of your opinions regarding payment and will update the original post to reflect.

    Edit to avoid early bump: I will be out most of Saturday evening, but will provide confirmations and ETA's of completions to any incoming orders during said time. All current orders have been completed at this time.
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  6. Great and fast service. Thanks again :)
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  7. Just submitted a semi-large order. I can't wait to get my books. Thank you for this service robbi_j :D
  8. Hey Gawa,

    Your order is ready for pickup at 18734 books on smp9.
    Thank you very much for the order!
  9. Paid and picked up. Not even 24 hours to wait for a almost 80k order. You sir, you ROCK!
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  10. got ya another order. almost 80k again :D ... I have a problem.... MOAR BOOKS! lol
  11. You da man/woman/gender neutral homo-sapien/android/other Gawa!

    May be a slight delay due to travels today, but should be done and ready for pickup by days end tomorrow at the latest.

  12. You rock. I look forward to using all these levels I have been accumulating :)
  13. Submitted an order. Thanks!
  14. All ready for pick up at 18734 books. Total is 23490r, thanks again!
  15. Submitted another order. Thanks!