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  1. I'm Currently Selling and Taking Small Orders of These Items I do keep a few of the items in stock. Prices are non-negotiable. All items sold in SC and DC quantity Number Beside the Items is how many SC are in stock of the item.
    (Stock Last Updated as of 7/17/16)
    (0) Xp Bottles - 25,000r a SC - 50,000r a DC
    (0) Glowstone - 17,500r a SC - 35,000r a DC
    (0) Diamond Leggings - 11,500r a SC - 23,000r a DC
    (0) Diamond Pickaxe (Eff III, Unb III, Fortune II) - 16,500r a SC - 33,000r a DC

    Current Orders Being Gathered (Please allow up to 1 Hour for each DC ordered to be gathered if its not already in stock) (unless otherwise stated in my reply in PM if I'm Not able to gather atm if I'm busy irl)

    How to Order
    Step 1. PM me here on the forums using this layout
    (Res# is the residence I will be delivering to)

    Step 2. Wait for a Response

    Step 3. Once a Response is Received and I have verified your order please set up an access chest on your Res#.

    Step 4. I will send you another PM on forums telling you your order is ready (If your online I'll PM you IG)

    Step 5. Once PM is Received make Payment. (If you aren't able to make payment at this time I will allow up to 24 Hours for you to make the payment.) (Please PM on forums once you have made the payment if this is the case)

    Step 6. Items will be delivered.

    Payment is expected within 24 Hours after order is gathered. (Item's will be kept if not paid within 24 hours) Delivery will be delivered within 15 Minutes of you making the payment
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