[Selling] Blaze Trap!

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  1. I will buy this so long as it is not utopia and is fairly easy to get to. :)
  2. Yes, and sort of.
  3. Ok Ill buy but I cant pay untill tomorrow when Im next on so can this be reserved for me?
  4. Hang on you've changed the price! It said 20k a min ago
  5. how much r u asking?
  6. he is selling it for 25k rupees
  7. just go to smp9 and go to herbrins shop very cheep blaze rods
  8. They arent looking for just blaze rods, they are looking for some nice XP
  9. i get xp from killing mobs thet wonder into the spawn
  10. I don't have that much anymore. Sorry don't have enough rupees.

    -where oh where has my 700k gone ;(