(selling) Blaze Spawner smp9

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  1. ok price is lowered to 15k
  2. For 15k? I could get AlexChance to make me a grinder for 15k dude. Way to high on the price.
  3. That's nice to know please don't post on here unless your interested thanks :)
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  4. I can't give constructive criticism? I'm simply stating the price is pretty insane. If it were a double or triple spawn I could understand. No need to become defensive on me.
  5. Have a good day thanks for your input :)
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  6. That is a good price, if I wasn't blowing all of my cash on glowstone for my build, I would buy it.
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  7. Well maybe if you get some more money this will still be available :)
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  8. Can't you just go make a paper farm, then sell for emeralds, then sell for glowstone?
  9. Smart man
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  10. (I feel like we are hijacking) look at my second res, lol and I should be good now I have 4 stacks and I'm almost done.
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  11. It's ok yall can have your conversations here i don't mind.
  12. Oh, in that case...

    I'm selling glowstone for 15r on SMP9 at 19000. -If anyone wants to buy in stacks, just ask.

    On topic:
    -are you open to offers?
    -how far out is it? What's the access like?
    -does anybody else know the location?
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  13. Is it just me or did you ban me from your res?
  14. I wasn't allowing anyone in my second res because of the villagers, but I removed them.
  15. I really want a double...(I will pay 100k for a built one)
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  16. I Will buy it for 13k
  17. can you meet me on smp9?
  18. I'm on my iPhone. :p
  19. Btw i didn't read it was on smp9 -.- so i wanna buy it for 12 k