[SELLING] Beacons

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  1. Hey all,
    I am selling beacons at 3333 on smp2 for 16,000 rupees each.
    Current Stock: 32
    Stop by and get some beacons before they all sell out!
  2. Hope this will lower cost again,
  3. Not a bad price
  4. I want 3
  5. I'll take 2.
  6. Wow.. that's a lot of beacons lol..
  7. Wow, not long ago buyed a few for 20K. anyway i have a few now. but that is a good price
  8. Updated stock!
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  9. I'm just gotta interject myself in here...
    I think my current tab is like one hundred and thirty something.
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  10. Stock updated!