[SELLING] Beacon, 9-10k.

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  1. I'm selling a Beacon for around 9-10k, or whatever the highest offer is. Any interest?
  2. Can i buy it for 8k?
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  3. Perhaps.
  4. I'll go 8.25k :p
  5. Can you beat that, Gamerick? :)
  6. I'll buy for 9k, In a couple of days, I get 1300 a day so I just need to wait 1 day to get 9k XD im poor right now
  7. I am now broke. It would take me half a week to afford that. Spent all my money.
  8. I have only 7k now XD Have been working on mega mall lol
  9. Oh, excellent, I'll sell it to you if I see no higher offers :)
  10. Okay, If I vote and Obsidian farm a lot I'll get it today
  11. ill buy one for 9.200 and can buy it right now.
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  12. A rule of the empire is no buy it now auctions.
  13. sorry i dont get that sentence...
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  14. There is a rule for auctions that state an auction must go through a period of time the auctioneer specifies.
  15. yes... but this isnt a auction.. and he was offering a beacon so i said that i want to buy that beacon for 9.2k
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  16. My apologizes.
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  18. Beat me to it :mad:
  19. I meant to quote you:oops:
  20. i still dont realy get it.. cant i buy it for 9.2 k?
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