[Selling] Arena blade!

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  1. Hi guys. I have one of the rarest items on emc for sale today. Only 9 in extistence. This is number 8

    It was won in the last Maw mob arena. check it out. Please private message me your offers

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  2. Was this the one won from the ICC mob arena or am I thinking of the wrong one?
  3. it was not from ICC mob arena. But it is very rare
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  4. You could name a bit of a minimum price.
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  5. or you could give me an offer... :)
  6. How is 8r?
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  7. Slight estimate? Im not sure about prices :/
  8. Why not doing a normal auction? It is a enchanted item in unused condition. Or if you count it as a EMC special item, you can also auction it

  9. I dont know what it is worth either. thats why i said to give me an offer
  10. i would rather not take a gamble auctioning it
  11. Well, auctions are just as good if not better as auctions if you ask me, but i see where you may be a bit worried about the gamble rhino ~FDNY21
  12. I want this cause i should be an owner of one (; what range are you looking for?
  13. From his Pm's between us.... In the 100's
  14. 100s? Im in!
  15. oh sorry, 100s of thousands? Ah im out xD
  16. Hundreds of thousands for a sword that is worse than what you can craft by hand? Does it at least look different than a regular sword or have some kind of visible watermark that lets people know its special?
  17. How about the colorful writing on it which only admins/sr staff (<-- correct me if im wrong about sr staff being able to do it) can put on...
  18. Its a collector item. I don't think anyone willing to buy one would ever actually use it.