Selling any supplies that YOUR shop needs!

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  1. Im going to start a new lifestyle on EMC, staying in the wild a ton. So i figured, why not start a buissness that I can manage while being in the wild? So just tell me your orders and I will have them completed and given to you between 12-5 Eastern Time.

    This is not just on one server, but if you are on Smp2 you recieve a discount (still to be determined) as I do not have to pay the fee for the vault. Please post your orders in the thread as I like to keep a border between Alerts and Inbox. Also if you have a specific time you want it done, please have it contained in your post. Also contain in your post what server you play on. I will attempt to make all prices cheaper than most mainstream shops and malls. If you have any questions, either post it or PM me.
  2. Amazing :)
    You are really the person there deserves Like!!!
    EMC is really out of control all this chat...
    Like From me !
  3. What you can do is get alot of stuff and come sell it to me :)?
    Right now i only got my wood section open at 4040
  4. I was hoping more of custom orders of specific things... but its a start :D
  5. Sure
    30 Stacks Log of each type of Wood
    30 Stacks Stone or Stone brick
  6. it is kind of sad though becuz i lost my 10k when I thought i was gonna be banned cuz i gave it all away :p
    andi literally own nothing cuz my res is destroyed...
  7. oh... all i can sa is... im gonna be busy :D if i do well u think u could like... reccomend me to ur diamond member friendsif i do a good job?
  8. 27 stacks of cobblestone - 17r/stack.
    18 stacks of EACH log type - 60r/stack :)

    If you can get that ASAP, that would be fantastic :)
  9. um im just wondering would u want 30 stacks of stone AND 30 stacks of stonebrick?
  10. um i cant play mc anymore toda so ill get that done tommorrow in the times i said
  11. Take a week, I don't mind as long as it's done :) Let me know by quoting this post.
  12. okay alex i almost instinctively quoted you XD
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  13. Double Chest of Sandstone at 48r per stack
  14. Coal
    4 Double Chest's /60r a stack
    13,000r I just rounded it off.
    Need this done a.s.a.p also. 1-2 weeks. Quote me when done :) thanks
  15. eh not the best price for sandstone but.... sure im kinda nervous how im gonna get his all done in time...
  16. okay some of these are definitely gonna be challengeing but sry some of you im gonna have to do the most difficult timed ones first im sorry if you do not get taken care of immediately...
  17. and guys if wehavent met on smp2 a all then please have your server u play on in ur posts... thanks
  18. oh by the way, kells, what is it that you need so much coal for?
  19. Okat thanks!Ill get cracking tommor- holy crap look at the time! ill get it done/semidone today when im on.Um itd be real easy if i got ur number(res number XD) and you made four chests with access signs on em for me so i can gradually fill them up...