[Selling] Amazing rare drop!

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  1. Was out on this beautiful Sunday Afternoon killing Wither Skellies, for that all important skull drop.
    I actually managed to get something far far rarer.
    I'm selling one full durability stone sword! As most of you know, these are a pretty rare item, so i'm only taking offers for it.

    I'd grab it before it's gone as i was only lucky enough to get one of these! That's 131 hits of goodness from this amazing, sort of high damage, sort of not, sword!
  2. Cool *Waits to see offers*
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  3. Do you realise how rare this is?!
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  4. This is craftable....
  5. All of this:
  6. You can also craft a bow, but when you get a marlix bow it's a rare drop.This is the same.
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  7. Unlike the marlix bow, it doesnt have enchantments or lore...
  8. Someone's in a cheerful mood! :)
  9. bumping this. 10k's the highest for this, frankly, ultra rare item.
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  10. Yeah, real confusing... because it's not an auction. The OP is selling this. C'mon now.
  11. Derp, so use to seeing invalid auctions. Sorry, continue.
  12. How do we know that it was actually dropped? Even if it was dropped, there's nothing special to it.
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  13. I'm fairly sure that this is just a joke, meant to have fun with.
  14. Sunday Funday!
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  15. All the rupees!
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  16. I'll give you all of my rupees and pr- waaaaait a second...