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  1. Hiya all and :> Welcome to this. here. below.

    Before I get down to the good stuff :> I must declare that I am not a professional at threads or online auctions. Bear with me here.

    So, the reason why I am selling all my good stuff is because I haven't been on EMC in ages and haven't set aside a quality amount of time to play games, let along minecraft in general. School... is all to blame, sadly and I've only come back on to make sure my res doesn't leave me with all my promos and good stuff. That and I thought they deserve better homes than. I guess. Me? <--- Very neglectful.

    So here we go! I have...

    Lucky Bow
    Independance Day Firework (Im Australian so this isn't that relevant to me at all)
    Ham Hacker
    Headless Horse Mask
    Cupid's Bow x2 + Cupid Arrow Stacks x5
    Labour Bench
    2014 EMC burthday cake
    Feast for a King
    Freedom Blade
    Flaming Mob Launcher
    Thanksgiving Turkey
    Pot of Gold
    Cupid (Spawn Egg thingy)
    And a Vault voucher.
    I think thats it. Gawsh Im gettin upset about this... Flaming mob launcher NOOOO!

    Ummm what else... Oh. I want to get rid of all of these by the end of April (before my internet times over) So I guess, place some offers. All the items are unused, neat condition and ready... to sell and you can see them displayed on my res at 18080 SMP9 in the sandstone structure, right next to spawn point (it is the building for all those kinds of items. Not hard to miss)

    I don't exactly know how auctions work on here and Im not dumb either so be respectful and dont scam me on cheap prices (Im gonna find some help from somewhere or someone)

    Any questions or negotiating private auctions for items just inbox me. I live in Australia so timing will slightly be off (10 hours+ ahead) and anyone who I slightly know and trust, Please help me out. I dont exactly know definite prices on promos or the flaming mob launcher nor how auctions works. Really, I just want these beloved items to find a better home (at a neat price :>) I have also possibly left out a couple items here and there but woopsies. Dont hate and criticise please, I want this over and done with.

    Thank you all and looking forward to how this goes :) xoxo
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  3. How much for the mob launcher?
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  4. How much for the feast for a king?
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  5. How much for Bday Cake 2014
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  6. 16k for the labor bench?
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  7. I will buy the pot of gold and the lucky bow if the price is right
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  8. 27Kr for the headless horse mask?
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  9. Re-listing all items and their prices from the promos and special items thread in the forums. Im up for negotiations :)

    Lucky Bow: 40k
    Freedom Blade: 35k
    2014 Birthday Cake: 17k
    2014 Labour Bench: 20k
    Ham Hacker: 25k
    Cupid Bow/s: 18k
    Cupid arrows (stacks): 5k each
    Pot O Gold: 20k
    Cupid spawn Egg: 25k
    2014 Headless horse mask: 40k
    Thanks giving turkey: 10k
    Independence Day Firework: 12k

    The feast for a king and vault voucher are still to be decided I guess, trying to find what they're worth but the Flaming Mob Launcher is going for 100k+. Ive had too many offers but no straight up buyers so best dress gets it first.

  10. Im only looking at offers 100k+ but theres a lot of people willing to buy but none have actually come to buy it.
  11. 17k :) but willing to negotiate
  12. How about 17.5k?
  13. What if we meet at 30k?
  14. it''s possible to but one (hadless horseman mask) for 29Kr at /v 2000....
    so no 27Kr or nothing :D
  15. Hmmm i checked it out and its 30k but Ill take the 27k for it
  16. paid the 27000 I can pickup now, tomorrow or over 6 hours
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  17. Deffs now! Where can I meet you?
  18. I have send you 50r more, so you can mail it.
    or you can put it in my auction chest at 1145 (smp1) (richt BEFORE the redstone door)
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  19. I will pay that for the labour bench
  20. Vault voucher?