Selling all enchantments 5k or less each.

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  1. Request and enchanted item i will do my best to get it and my price will never be more than 5k. for now till i see the demand lol also please note that if you order alot of the same item it will be a while before i can get them all as it is not easy to get them right away.
  2. nice hidden text... lol
  3. shhh i see nothing lol
  4. I see something.
  5. High Demand... You cheeky Krafty King!
  6. oh come on guys order something its only 5k or less for anything :)
  7. fortune 3 silktouch 1 eff 4 unbreak 4 ;)
  8. -_- really? really?
  9. I'm just giving an example. someone would want a lot more then 5k for my dream pick ;) just fortune then :)
  10. a fortune 3 cost about 3k but i have fortune 3 unbreaking 3 eff4 for 5k
  11. ok. ill take it. paying now :)
  12. come to 18898 smp9
  13. or my assistant can deliver it to you where are you?
  14. Can I please order the following;

    10 swords, with "Knockback II, Fire Aspect II, Looting III, Sharpness V".

    10 bows with "Power V Punch II Infinity I Flame II".‎

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  15. :confused: nice!
  16. I would like 5 swords, with "Knockback II, Fire Aspect II, Looting III, Sharpness V
  17. ill be right on that
  18. all those in one sword 5 times? if so ok ill get to working
  19. can i hava an efficiency III ubreaking III silktouch I pick