[Selling] All 3 Promo Horses + 3 Stable Vouchers + More

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  1. Hello.

    The Items I Will Be Selling:
    1 Saltar (Jumpy horse)
    1 Valens (Healthy horse)
    1 Incintatus (Runny horse)
    3 Stable Vouchers
    3 Iron Horse Armor

    The money for these items will help me with my project on smp1 res 722

    Anyways. The price I am asking is 25k for each horse and 25k for each voucher
    that brings the price up to 150k
    The armor is free with purchase of horse. You cannot buy just the armor. You can buy just one horse or just one voucher or you could buy it all.

    [distant cheering]

    If you buy all of this it is 105k in savings.
    I'm willing to negotiate the price so just comment or PM me.

    EDIT: Changed body, new prices. Hopefully I cleared up some confusion.
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  2. 25k for one voucher thats cheep
  3. ouo yes. thats half off
  4. O.O bought 2 of my vouchers for 1k guess I got a good deal..
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  5. they're sold at /shop for 50k which was the only way to get them since yesterday.. that is, besides buying from players
  6. I'll take the Iron Horse armour for free :)
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  7. oh i will to
  8. I'll take one of the horse armors please
  9. I think the armor is only for "free", if you buy everything for 165k
  10. ah,,, the horse armor comes wth each horse. so if you buy one horse you get the armor free. you cant buy only the armor. so basically you buy the horse and the armor together. you dont have to buy the whole 165k package deal cause frankly that is a lot. these are just the prices listed and what i was saying is that all of that together the price would be 165k which i 90k in savings. ouo that is all.
  11. I lowered the prices of the horses to 25k. That is 10k cheaper. :p
  12. How did you get the vouchers and horses for cheaper then 50k (besides the one promo voucher and horse)
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  13. My irl friend played EMC with me for a while and then he quit MC alltogether... anyways I called him up on skype and yooooooooooooooooooooooo then i found out he had an alt and i was like yooooooooooooooooooo so now i have three yoooooooooooooooooooooooo
  14. lol... alts, and free talk and half off stuff.. pssh, i got my first promo for free, then i just bought the other two. lol you're all so cheap.
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  15. thank you, battmeghs. im really glad your wealthy self graced this thread with talk of how cheap we are. i am enlightened.
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  16. Yeah, plus the thousands that were given out for free. The promo is still available..
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  17. ouo the promo ended on the 28th didnt it? (for the vouchers) ah, oh well. if anything im gonna randomly give these away ouo... i dont really want or need them anyways. the promo for horses ends on this friday.. which is tomorrow.