[SELLING] Aikar's Head

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  1. 200k or best acceptable offer.
  2. I'll buy for 85k?
  3. Its worth well under 200k. Most offers are below 100k. I suggest you change your offer :p
  4. Please read the marketplace guidelines here: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/important-community-marketplace-forum-rules-for-posting.1575/

    Same concept here, if you have a problem with the price it's best to either leave it alone or PM the thread creator.
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  5. Give you 100k for it if that's ok.
  6. Thanks Penguin. I said it a lot ruder, but I deleted it.
    I just posted this for auction cause I thought I lost control of another selling thread.
  7. You will have to make an auction thread for it, if they are auctionable.