[Selling] Aikarias head

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  1. Aikarias is Rainbow chins alt. Only 54 in circulation I believe. Post offers down below or pm them to me. (the skin is half aikat and half maxarias)
  2. Only 54? I have like 3 or 4 haha
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  3. Magetrixx or whatever his username is won the auction of 54 aikarias heads a looong time ago then sold them off individually for like 10k each.
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  4. I got mine from the winners room chests at mob arena, which i presume Rainbow had placed.
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  5. I might be wrong then xD
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  6. I'd be willing to buy one. I need staff/staff alts heads for my Aztec temple of sacrifices. Does 10k work?
  7. I'll purchase it for 10,001r, if they went for 10k. :p
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  8. Could I take one for 9k? (Since more are in circulation)
  9. On mman's new museum opening when i won a contest it had all of RainbowChin's alts
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  10. I'd sell it for like 12k tbh...
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  11. Would you take 11k?
  12. il buy it for 12k
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  13. It done been sold for 10k and a vault voucher xD
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