Selling A Res With The All Flags And You Can Do Anything You Want For 3 Weeks!!!

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  1. My res (2210 on SMP1) will have use flags for everyone to look around and too see what you want I can also sell you a building that you can demolish for its materials(Anything inside Chests, ETC. will be also yours). For the whole res I'm asking in the 20-30k range(20,000-30,000 rupees) also you can name a REASONABLE price if you want a building instead in the comments.

    RES #2210------Server:SMP1
  2. ummmmmm, i was flipping this switch, then i walked out and there was stuff everywhere and i cant put it back
  3. pm me for your stuff back i arent online
  4. or make like an access everyone or me chest somewhere and ill log on and drop it off
  5. This is not allowed sorry
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  6. specially cause you made me unintentionally grief lol
  7. Out of curiosity, may one sell flags outside of the forums?
  8. I would suspect that IcC would say no, but since there isnt a written rule for it, i bet that people dont know that and sell them in game anyways. Lol, to answer your question, no.
  9. Actually I thought about it and im not going to sell my res. :)
  10. are you online? im coming to give your stuff back