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  1. Can you do this?
  2. this even legal? I mean, he could just wander off or despawn, or some random person could walk up and kill it. You should probably get permission for this first.
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  3. from

    This applies to co-ordinates too.

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  4. So I can sell this giant :)

    And plz don't spam/get of topic on this thread.
  5. No you can't sell Momentus. You can sell the co-ordinates of a location where a Momentus was located. The buyer should understand that all they are buying is 3 numbers.
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  6. Okay I understand that's what I was going to do but put momentus because there is a momentus over there
  7. momentus does despawn after a while of the chunk being loaded
  8. What happens if someone buys the location, and there isn't a momentus there? Do they get their money back?
  9. Yes they do but I will take you there when you pay.
  10. Tons of risks with this one... Im debating...
  11. the good thing that ive noticed is momentus liek to spawn in the same spot, on both the diamond farms i was building they would always spawn in the same place if the conditions were right so this location should be close to one of those places. personally i wouldnt pay 20k for it (cause i dont think a momentus spawning point is that valuable) but some of yall might like having two or three toothpicks lying around. just understand that you are only buying the location
  12. Plz close this thread he is sold
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