Selling a "few" promos

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  1. Been a while making a thread, hopefully I remember how...

    1x Arena Longbow
    2x Gold Supporter Voucher
    5x Diamond Support Voucher
    1x Aikar's Head (Celebrating EMC's 4th Birthday)
    3x Aikar's Head (Celebrating 12/23/13)
    2x Purple Aikar Head
    4x Krysyy's Head
    2x Avalauncher
    1x Happy Birthday EMC (Aikar - To the awesome community!)
    3x Ore Buster
    6x Blizz Ard Noses
    8x Cupid Eggs
    2x Momentus's Toothpick
    1x Golden Block of Clickyness (July 2014)
    36x Labor Bench 2015
    8x Cupid Bundle
    7x Freedom Blade chests
    1x 2013 Valentine's Gift
    4x Stable Voucher
    5x Vault Voucher
    4x Cake Parkour Voucher
    1x Instructions (light blue text)
    7x Feast for a king
    3x Dragon Poop
    1x Super Dragon Poop
    14x Maxarian head
    1x Tales of Eternia
    2x Marlix Helmet
    1x Marlix Armor
    512x Taste the Freedom steak
    12x Headless Horseman Mask
    8x Haunted Head
    64x Magical Eggcellent Wand
    9x 2014 Birthday Cake
    9x 2015 Birthday Cake
    13x Cupid Bow
    68x Meteor Bow
    1x 2013 Labor Bench
    4x 2014 labor Bench
    1x Pot of Gold
    8x Netherhound
    25x Emergency Snow Clearing Device
    2x Turkey Slicer
    7x Turkey Slicer 2013
    2x Ham Hacker
    3x Holiday Message
    11x Dancer
    7x 2014 Remembrance Poppy
    2x 2015 Remembrance Poppy
    3x Pi Pie
    8x Holiday Candle
    2x Used Valens
    2x Used Incitatus
    1x Feather Fallllling Boots
    384x Dragon Stone Fragment
    37x Dragon Stone
    22x Lucky Bow

    Taking offers on everything, if you want to sell high end promos let me know :^)
  2. How much for dragon poop and super dragon poop?
  3. How much for the arena longbow?
  4. I've PM'd you the absolute plethora of things I want.
  5. Must... look away...
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  6. I'm interested in the long bow.
  7. bumparoo, please PM for all business inquiries
  8. Arena longbow has been sold, looking to sell all this other junk too :^)
  9. When lucky bows go for 100k sometimes...
  10. How much for the tales of eternia or purple aikar head?
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  11. bump, need $$$ for new project
  12. And also buying Dashers @ /v 2016 for 30k each!
  13. 70r for all of it. Willing to go up to 80r if necessary. ;)
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  14. How much for the freedom blade chest?
  15. What year are the avalanchers 2015 or 2014?