Selling A Few Promos

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  1. All will be mailed once paid, and please ask before paying just in case it has already been sold. All prices negotiable.

    3x Dasher- 50k Each
    3x Dancer- 60k Each

    Now accepting trades!
  2. Lowered Prices.
  3. Lowered Prices Once Again
  4. I'll give you 50 for the bundle
  5. auctually, ive lowered the price 2x now, the lowest i can go atm is 65k :)
  6. Ill take the hacker, I'll pay later today
  7. Cupid bundles aren't aloud to be sold, it was a rule implemented not to long ago
  8. Cupid bundles are allowed to be sold, bonus chests aren't.
  9. ive paid for the hacker
  10. You ninja :p
  11. lelele :p
  12. is the hacker still for sale? if so can i buy it
  13. ive allready paid the person for it, check the chat up :) :p
  14. ok
  15. guys... i said please ask before just incase i sold them... i have sold the vouchers and will pay now. Please do NOT pay unless i say its a deal.
  16. mailed :p
  17. Added Enraged Zombie (Villager Egg)
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