[Selling] A few cheeky promos ;)

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  1. x2 Marlix bow 30,000/per
    x1 Trick-or-Treat Bundle 60,000?
    x1 Independence Pants 180,000+?
    x1 Independence Chest 180,000+?

    All Items are unused :) Please comment below if you are interested or PM me if you woulf like to negotiate a price ;)

  2. pm sent
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  3. Bump bump *sniff* ;)
  4. Looks like my Promos might be a bit too cheeky for some
  5. If you don't like the prices feel free to PM me an offer :3
  6. Cheeky ;)
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  8. Bump. Happy Easter all ;)
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  9. Really late bump.. Hope everyones enjoying their easter
  10. Locked on request
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